Tramp Oil Removal from Metalworking Coolants.
Alfie 400, Alfie 500 portable centrifuge tech data Alfie 400.pdf , Alfie 500
Alfa Laval Alfie 400

Models Available: Portable Alfie 400, Alfie 500, MIB 303, Emmie, Tank mounted Alfie 200, WSB 203, WSB 104, WSPX 307, WSPX 303, WSPX 204 Alfa Pure Z3 Alfa Pure Z 7 (New Product), Alfie 500

Alfie 200 Tank mounted Disc stack centrifuge Tech Data Alfie 200.pdf
Alfa Laval Tank Mounted Alfie 200

Compact and user friendly coolant cleaning centrifugal separators. include larger manually cleaned WSB 203, WSB 104 and fully automatic self cleaning wash liquid and coolant recycling systems such as WSPX 204, WSPX 303, WSPX 403, WSPX 207, WSPX 307, WSPX 213, Z3, Z7, AP 2000, AP 4000, AlfaPure 2000, AlfaPure2000, Alfa Pure 3000, AlfaPure 7000

Alfa Laval AlfaPure Z3 Self Cleaning Coolant Recycler

Alfa Laval Alfa Pure Z3 and Alfa Pure Z7 is a complete new separation system designed for cleaning and recycling metalworking coolants and wash liquids. By efficient removal of oil, grease and solid particles, the AlfaPure Z3, Z7 extends the life of water-based service fluids, cuts production costs and increases productivity. The system has the potential to pay for itself in less than one year.

Alfa Laval MAB 102, Emmie MIB 203, MIB 303, MIB 403, Emmie 2 centrifuges are excellent in removing tars, varnishes and sticky, gummy residues from close tolerance critical components such as servo valves in turbines and diesel engines.

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Mars Tech offers new, used, refurbished, reconditioned and secondhand Alfa Laval centrifuges and centrifugal purifiers for machine tool coolant recycling, wash liquid purification, and industrial oil purification.

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Watch Alfie Video Metalworking Coolant Centrifuge
Alfa Laval IFB 303 Alfie 400, Alfie 500

Portable coolant and Wash Water Purifier

Alfie 400 and Alfie 500 Module is complete with

Tank mounted Alfa Laval Alfie 200:

Proven excellent for metalworking coolants and neutral pH wash liquids

Alfie centrifuges are also suitable for continuous cleaning of fluids from parts washers and industrial wash and rinse systems.

Purification of Lube oils, Hydraulic Oils, Factory Oils and Industrial Oils

New generation of portable centrifuge from Alfa Laval for coolant recycling, filtration, conditioning, reclamation and management, lube oil purification, Hydraulic oil purifier, metalworking fluids cleaning centrifuge, oil water separation. High Speed disc centrifuge for central coolant filtration, oil and water separation.

Alfa Laval MIB 303 Emmie Portable Centrifuge Emmie Tech Data Emmie.pdf
Alfa Laval Emmie

Alfa Laval MAB 102, Emmie MIB 203, MIB 303, MIB 403, Emmie 2 Solids Retaining Centrifuge Separator for purification and recycling of

Emmie oil purification and recycling module is designed for water and particulate removal from hydraulic oils and turbine lube oils and it is a compact portable design, easy to transport around any work shop. The module is complete with- feed and discharge pump, inlet strainer, inlet and outlet hoses with quick disconnects and electrical panel. Also available with oil pre-heater.

Available used reconditioned MIB 303, MIB 403, Emmie 2 with heater

Case Histories coolant and washer fluids cleaning: request copies
Case Histories Oil Cleaning: request copies
New Alfa Laval Alfie 500 in stock: Alfie 500 coolant centrifuge almost new in crate