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Centrifuge Models:
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Alfa Laval MAB 103 MAB 104
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Alfa Laval BTPX 205 Biotech
LAPX 404 Pharmaceutical
Biodiesel MAPX 205
MOPX 213, MAPX 313
WSPX 303 AlfaPure Z3

Decanter Centrifuges:
Sharples P660, P 1500
Alfa Laval NX 309
Alfa Laval NX 418 NX 620
DMNX 414, 418, 518

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TSK 50M 80M CF 55 CF 85
TSK 100A, TSK 150A, CF 105, CF 155

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Mars Tech supplies New Alfa Laval MAB 103, MAB 104, Alfie 500, Emmie 2, Emmie 2 with heater, MIB 403 and MIB 303, purifiers in USA

Small high speed disc bowl centrifuges for oil water separation, diesel fuel, lube oils.

Alfa Laval MAB 102, MAB 103, MAB 104, Emmie MIB 303, Emmie 2 and MIB 403 solids retaining centrifugal purifiers and separators for lube oils, fuel oils and oil water separation

Mars Tech offers a wide range of new and reconditioned high speed disc bowl centrifuges for cleaning, conditioning, polishing and filtration of mineral oils and lubrication oils used in power plants, marine installations, gas turbines and industrial oils.

In STOCK for special year end prices

  • New Genuine Alfa Laval MAB 103
  • Reconditioned Alfa Laval MAB 103
  • Reconditioned Alfa Laval MAB 104
  • Reconditioned Alfa Laval MIB 303
  • Reconditioned Alfa Laval MAB 204
  • Reconditioned Alfa Laval MAB 206
  • Reconditioned Alfa Laval MIB 403 Emmie 2 With and without heater
  • Reconditioned GEA Westfalia Manual Cleaning Separator OTC 2 Capacity: 1,150 l/hr

Alfa Laval solids retaining centrifugal separators are excellent for purification and clarification of mineral oils, synthetic oils in industrial installations and wvo cleaning..

High speed stacked disc centrifugal separator for oil water purification

Alfa Laval MIB 303 and Emmie 2, MIB 403 Emmie mobile High speed solids retaining centrifugal separator for diesel fuel purification on marine small boats, yachts, boats, tugboats and power plants.

Turbine and diesel engine suppliers recommend centrifuges and related equipment to reduce harmful contaminants such as fine particulates, water, iron, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium from fuel oil, crude oil, crude blends, No. 2 distillates such as diesel and petroleum naphtha.

Successfully used over many years for separating water and particulate contamination in fuel oil, turbine lube oils, other lubricating oils, running -in, hydraulic, cutting,quench oils, diesel powered yachts, pleasure boats, small cruise ships, small boats, tugs, barges and fishing vessels..

Mars Tech has a simple and proven replacement for MAWA 10 Water Seal Alarm for broken liquid seal (breakover) for Alfa Laval Purifiers. It includes an integrated motor starter and liquid seal alarm in one user friendly control box.

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MAB 103, MAB 104 Centrifuges
Working Principle:

Separation takes place in a solids-retaining bowl that can be arranged for either clarification or purification. In both cases, the contaminated oil is fed into the separator through the center and it is separated by centrifugal force into various phases. The heaviest phase (sludge and water) is forced outwards to the perimeter of the centrifuge bowl.

Clarifier Design is suitable for separating oils containing sludge and a very small amount of water.

Purifier Design is suitable for separating oils containing sludge and an appreciable amount of water.

The accumulated sludge is periodically removed from the bowl by hand.

Higher capacity Alfa Laval MAB 204, MAB 205, MAB 206, MAB 207, MAB 209 are available.

We can now supply fully reconditoned Alfa Laval centrifuge purifiers from stock in New York and Texas

  • MAB 103B, MAB 104B, MAB 204, MAB 205, MAB 206, MAB 209
  • MAPX 204, MOPX 205, MOPX 207,
  • MOPX 213 on a slid with controls
Click for MAB 104 and MAB 103.pdf Tech Data
Alfa Laval MAB 104 Centrifuge

Alfa Laval OCM 103, OCM 104, OCM 304, OCM 305, OCU S-103 centrifuge purifiers are supplied complete with feed and discharge pumps, control panel and piping with or without a pre heater Oil Cleaning Module.

Reconditioned Alfa Laval MAB 103 and MAB 104 purifiers are available at low prices for quick year end sale.

Mars Tech STOCKS many New and Reconditioned Alfa Laval centrifuges. We offer Spare Parts at very competitive prices.

Alfa Laval Solids Bowl Centrifuge separators are used for the purification of
  • Lubricating Oils
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Phosphate Esters
  • Compressor Oils
  • Gear Oils, Cutting Oils
  • Servo valve lubricants
  • Quench Oils
MAB 103 and MAB 104 Centrifuge purifiers have a versatile design to adapt to many industries for fluid purification
  • Steel Mills
  • Paper Mills
  • Wire Drawing
  • Compressor Oils
  • Injection Molding oils
  • Transmission Oils Models OCU-V and OCM-V
  • Engine Test stands
Alfa Laval Portable Emmie Centrifuge MIB 303 and MIB 403 for oil cleaning
Emmie. pdf Tech Data
  • Designed for water and particulate removal from hydraulic oils
  • Compact portable design, easily transport around any work shop
  • Module is complete with- feed and discharge pump, inlet strainer, inlet & outlet hoses with quick disconnects and electrical panel
  • Available with oil pre-heater
Alfa Laval Emmie
Now Available: Spare Parts and Service kits for Alfa Laval OCM 103, OCM 104, OCM 305 Turbine Lube and Hydraulic Oil Cleaning purifiers.
Used, secondhand, Reconditioned Alfa Laval MAB 103B , MAB 104 centrifuge equipment in Mars Tech stock
Alfa Laval MAB 103, OCU S-103 portable centrifuge module with heater

Less than 2,000, built by Alfa Laval in 1999 MAB 103, OCU S-103 centrifuge module complete with feed/discharge pumps, 14.4 kW heater and control panel. MAB 103B and MAB 104B purifiers with 380 volt motors, 50 Hz or 440 Volt 60 Hz

Excellent for turbine lubricating oil, Marine diesel engine oil, hydraulic and lube oils. Alpha Laval, Alfalaval, Alfalava centrifuges

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