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Centrifuge Types
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General Applications
Biodiesel, Green fuel
Coolant Recycling
Cold Headers Fasteners lube
Gas Turbine Fuel Treatment
GaAs Ceramics Optics
Oilfield Refineries
Optical Glass
Paint Booths Vibratory
Power Plant, Oil Purifier

High Speed Centrifuges:
Alfa Laval MAB 103 MAB 104
Alfie 400 Alfie 500 Alfie 200
Alfa Laval BTPX 205 Biotech
LAPX 404 Pharmaceutical
Biodiesel MAPX 205
MOPX 213, MAPX 313
WSPX 303 AlfaPure Z3

Decanter Centrifuges:
Sharples P660, P 1500
Alfa Laval NX 309
Alfa Laval NX 418 NX 620
DMNX 414, 418, 518

Basket centrifuges:
TSK 50M 80M CF 55 CF 85
TSK 100A, 150A CF 105, 155

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Separator Parts
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Decanters centrifuges offered by Mars Tech are suitable for higher solids content in the process feed material and are available for two phase or three phase liquid solid separation.

Mars Tech offers new and used decanter centrifuges for waste oil, oily waste, refinery tank bottom sludge, fish meal and fish oil, sludge dewatering, olive oil, wine and fruit juice, drilling mud, chemical slurries, industrial and biological wastewater

A wide assortment of scroll-type decanter centrifuges for the following industries are offered:
We offer popular used decanter machines, such as:
Decanter Centrifuge Parts, scroll hard surfacing, repair and service available for Alfa Laval centrifuges.

We also have available USED DECANTER CENTRIFUGES, 350 kpm gearbox, heavy duty high torque Alfa Laval and Swaco gear box

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Alfa Laval NX 418 decanter centrifuge
Decanter Centrifuges for high solids content, abrasive and soft particle separation

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Reconditioned Alfa Laval Decanter DMNX 418
Currently available reconditioned Decanter Centrifuge