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35 years of centrifuge experience

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Mars Tech centrifugal oil filters
Centrifuges in Fastener Industry for Cold Headers Lube Oil filtration, Quench Oil Filtration.
Proven excellent for cold headers lube filtration, fasteners oil filtration, cold header lube and die side oil cleaning and recycling

Over 30,000 sold in 25 years

One CF 51 Microseparator centrifuge is in stock, unused , at used machine price

Mars Tech offers Bazell Microseparator® solids retaining centrifugal separators for purification and clarification of mineral oils and water soluble coolants in forming and extruding machinery used in the fasteners industry. These centrifuges are successfully used over many years for separating particulate contamination in lubrication oils and coolants, other lube oils, cutting and quench oils, drawing oils.

Ideal for fastener machinery making nuts, bolts, nails, rivets, screws, pins, bearing balls, and other formed and extruded products. New and used centrifuges are also suitable for screw machine oil, coolant filtration and recycling.

CF 51M Centrifuges for cold headers
Now one CF 51 Microseparator in stock, unused , at used machine price

Working Principle:

The CF 51 M Microseparator® is a manually cleaned, liquid-solid separator designed exclusively for industrial use. This unit was developed especially for the nut and bolt forming industry.

Centrifugal force separates heavy phase solids and liquids from the process oil and collects them at the perimeter of the centrifuge rotor. Clarified oil drains from the centrifuge and returns to the process tank by gravity. The simple rotor cleaning procedure is accomplished by stopping the rotor and allowing excess liquid to drain from the lower cabinet, opening the hinged cover, removing the rotor, cleaning and replacing.

No consumable filter media required!
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Centrifuges for Fastener Industry

Microseparator Centrifuge CF 55 SD for cold header lube oil filtration
Unique to this model are self-draining centrifuge rotor and quick release cover mechanism.

If you have any of the following cold headers, we can help you save money and improve parts quality

  • National Machinery
  • Asahi Sunac - Asahi Okuma
  • Nedschroef
  • Nakashimada, Sakamura
  • Waterbury
  • San Shing, Carlo Salvi, Chi Ning, Star, Tanisaka Headers, Hartford, Manville
  • Hanrez, Saspri, Mekifasa
CF 51M and CF 56M Centrifuges have a versatile design to adapt to many industries for fluid purification
  • Steel Mills, Paper Mills
  • Rolling oil, Threading oil
  • Tapping oil, Quench oil
  • Injection Molding oils
  • Transmission Oils
  • Engine Test stands
  • Compressor Oils
CF 56M Portable Centrifuge Module
Case Study article IFFI

The CF 56 M Microseparator? is a complete module which used model CF 51M centrifuge described above. This configuration is ideal for cleaning multiple reservoirs or permanently installing adjacent to low tanks.

The CF 56 M Microseparator® incorporates a mounting platform, manually cleaned Microseparator® and a NEMA 12 electrical control package incorporating starters for the centrifuge and feed pump. An inlet piping assembly with two ball valves is included. Portable packages include casters, quick disconnect outlet piping assembly, and power cord.

Portable Centrifuge Module CF 56M shown with optional horizontal semi self-priming centrifugal pump
Portable Centrifuge Module for Cold Headers

Over 30,000 sold during the last 25 years the Microseparator® Centrifuge is one of the most reliable workhorses for industrial fluid filtration.

In the Fastener Industry, Money Saving Microseparator Centrifuge is highly recommended by many OEM fastener machinery manufacturers.

"We saved $7,550.00 in filter and labor costs in 12 months on our first Microseparator®. Now we are installing Microseparator® on every header in our plant." Plant Engineer, Automotive Fastener Manufacturer.

Another nationally known fastener manufacturer had been trying to solve the same problem for years.

"How to clean the lube and die side oil on their header without using large volumes of consumable filters."

This company discovered measurable improvements to oil life, product quality, and machinery uptime by continuously cleaning the oil with the Bazell Microseparator®

Our oil change interval has been extended tenfold and still rising and our operators are a happier crew

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