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Alfa Laval MAB 103 MAB 104
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Biodiesel MAPX 205
MOPX 213, MAPX 313
WSPX 303 AlfaPure Z3

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Sharples P660, P 1500
Alfa Laval NX 309
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DMNX 414, 418, 518

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TSK 50M 80M CF 55 CF 85
TSK 100A, TSK 150A, CF 105, CF 155

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32 years of centrifuge experience

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Mars Tech used reconditioned self cleaning basket centrifuges for liquid solid separation

Fully integrated, off the shelf, and custom designed filtration systems, including new and reconditioned Microseparator® fully automatic centrifuge on stand, motors and controls for industrial waste minimization, fluid recycling and purification

Mars Tech offers a wide range of solid wall basket centrifuges and centrifugal fluid filtration systems for clarification of liquid solid suspensions in oil, emulsions, synthetics, and process waters used in industrial manufacturing applications.

Fully Automatic Microseparator centrifuge separator

These basket centrifuges are proven suitable for removing bulk solids and fine particulates from liquid solids suspensions in industrial, manufacturing, chemical, optical, finishing, factory liquids and wastewater dewatering.

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Typical basket centrifuge applications
  • Industrial waste and effluents
  • Paint spray booth sludge removal
  • Metalworking, Machine Tool Coolant
  • Ceramics, Quartz, HPFS, Optical Lens
  • Ophthalmic glass, Precision scientific glass
  • Aluminum, Copper, Stainless and specialty Wire drawing
  • Metals pretreatment, Finishing, Vibratory Deburring
  • Titanium washing, Precious metals recovery
  • Parts washers, Quench oil and water
  • Industrial, Commercial laundry
  • Abrasive machining, waterjet wastewater treatment
  • Pre-filtration in Ultrafiltration systems
  • Disc Bowl High speed centrifuge pre-filtration
  • Silicon, GaAs Wafer slicing, sawing and polishing
  • Paint Stripping, Mask washers
  • Iron Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate
  • Tanning waste, Canning Effluent
  • Fasteners, cold headers
  • Waste Oil treatment and recycling
Microseparator® Basket centrifuges for continuous clarification of liquid solid suspensions
Working Principle:

Typically a solid wall basket centrifuge consists of a suspended horizontal or vertical cylindrical section rotating at speeds under 3,600 RPM. The automatic Microseparator® the rotor body is vertically suspended and has a conical section of open bottom below the cylindrical section. Dirty fluid enters the Microseparator® from the bottom and progresses upwardly through the rotor body. Centrifugal force causes the solid particles to towards the outside wall of the rotor body. Clarified liquid overflows through holes in the top of the rotor and the clean overflow discharges into outer cabinet and drains by gravity from the clean liquid outlet. Solids deposited in the rotor are compacted by centrifugal force and allowed to build until removed during the cleaning cycle. A feed timer is used to determine when the cleaning cycle will be initiated.

Fully Automatic Microseparator principle of operation
Fully Automatic Microseparator principle of operation

Self-Cleaning Centrifuge Models: TSK 60A, TSK 100A, TSK 150A, CF 65G, CF 105G, CF 125G, CF 155G, CF 105GX, CF 175

The drive motor is de-energized and the rotor coasts, or via optional DC braking, is brought to a full stop. Any residual liquid remaining in the rotor will drop into the lower cabinet and then drain back to the supply tank. The accumulated solids are removed from the rotor by means of scraper blades which rotate clockwise and counter clockwise using a scraper drive motor. The solids to drop into the sludge drum below.

TSK 150A and CF 155 Specifications
  • Self cleaning centrifuge for continuous solids removal
  • Full automatic centrifugal clarifier designed and executed for industrial use.
  • Unit has automatic cleaning features and is supplied complete with control console.
  • Motor: 5 HP (3.7kW), 230/460 Volts, 3 phase, 60 Hz., 1750 RPM, TEFC.
  • Rotor Volume: 6 gallons, Piping Connections: Inlet 1 1/2", NPT, Outlet 4"
  • Nominal flow rate: 53GPM
  • Materials of Construction
    • Centrifuge Outer Case and Lower Cabinet is 304 Stainless Steel
    • Centrifuge Rotor/Rotor Cover is Aluminum/Carbon Steel, St steel available
    • Gaskets are BUNA N, Viton available
New CF 155G Microseparator® centrifuge
CF 155G Fully automatic self cleaning solids wall basket centrifuge

Hydraulic Capacity: 53 GPM. Actual capacity is application specific and can be as low as 5 gpm depending on percent solids in feed, particulate micron size, viscosity etc.

Factory Reconditioned CF 155G, CG 65G, CG 65G2 Stainless Steel Microseparator®.

We also offer new and used smaller models complete with VFD main motor, scraper dive motor, PLC controls, low hours

  • Self cleaning, fully automatic Bazell, Microseparator®, Toto, Binks, Alfa Laval, Centriclean TSK 65A, TSK 60A, CF 65G rated at 20 gpm
  • Self cleaning, fully automatic Microseparator®, Toto, Binks, Alfa Laval, Centriclean TSK 100A,CF 105G rated at 26 gpm
  • Secondhand CF 65G2, CF 105GX, CF 125G for waste oil, paint booth, optical glass grinding, wastewater
Start up assistance, Parts, repair
  • With over 30 years in centrifuge equipment industry, we can assist you with suitable separation equipment selection
  • Centrifuge start up, commissioning, and training
  • Centrifuge parts, repair and service
Factory reconditioned CF 155G Fully automatic self cleaning solids wall basket centrifuge

Factory reconditioned CF 155G Fully automatic self cleaning solids wall basket centrifuge, complete with mounting stand, control panel, on site startup and training services offered with new machine warranty.

New decanter centrifuge additions
  • Unused Sharples P880 Super D-Canter, complete with VFD main motor, Variable speed backdrive motor, digital readout of differential speed.
  • Suitable for pilot plant installation in wastewater dewatering, includes CIP (Clean in Place) features
  • pharmaceutical, chemical laboratories.

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