Mars Tech used factory reconditioned Microseparator® Centrifuge CF 155G, TSK 150A
Factory Reconditioned Fully Automatic Microseparator Centrifuge CF 155GRequest quote
Self Cleaning, Fully Automatic Centrifuge on stand, motors and controls.

Centrifugally separated, compacted solids discharge into a 55 gallon drum below the centrifuge.

CF 155 Specifications
  • Self cleaning centrifuge for continuous solids removal, designed for industrial use.
  • Unit has automatic cleaning features and is supplied with control console.
  • Motor: 5 HP (3.7kW), 230/460 Volts, 3 phase, 60 Hz., 1750 RPM, TEFC.
  • Rotor Volume: 6 gallons, Piping Connections: Inlet 1 1/2", NPT, Outlet 4"
  • Nominal flow rate: 53GPM
  • Materials of Construction
    • Centrifuge Outer Case and Lower Cabinet is 304 Stainless Steel
    • Centrifuge Rotor/Rotor Cover is Aluminum/Carbon Steel, St steel available
    • Gaskets are BUNA N, Viton available

Microseparator is a reg TM of Bazell Technologies Corp.

Also available TSK 150A and TSK 100A
CF 155, CF 105 basket centrifuge applications
  • Industrial waste and effluents
  • Paint spray booth sludge removal
  • Metalworking, Machine Tool Coolant
  • Ceramics, Quartz, HPFS, Optical Lens
  • Ophthalmic glass, Precision scientific glass
  • Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Wire drawing
  • Metal Finishing, Vibratory Deburring
  • Titanium washing, Precious metals recovery
  • Parts washers, Quench oil and water
  • Metal grinding, Honing, lapping coolants
  • Abrasive machining, waterjet wastewater
  • Metals pretreatment, post treatment
  • Pre-filtration in Ultrafiltration systems
  • Disc Bowl High speed centrifuge pre-filtration
  • Silicon, GaAs Wafer slicing, sawing, polishing
  • Paint Stripping, Mask washers
  • Iron Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate
  • Fasteners, cold headers
  • Waste Oil treatment and recycling