Mars Tech used reconditioned Alfa Laval MAB 206 Solids Retaining Centrifuge Separator
High 'g'. Alfa Laval Solids Retaining High Speed Disc bowl Centrifugal Purifier for Marine Diesel, Fuel Oil, Biodiesel, Hydraulic Oil, Lube Oil
Reconditioned Alfa Laval MAB 206 Solids Retaining, High Sped disc bowl centrifugal separator Request quote
Other capacities available, manually cleaning, simple operation. for low solids.
  • 3 GPM
  • 6 GPM
  • 10 GPM
  • 20 GPM
  • 31 GPM
  • 45 GPM
  • 66 GPM
  • 84 GPM
Alfa Laval Models MAB 102, MAB 103, MAN 104, MAB 205, MAB 207, MAB 209
Oil Purification, Cleaning and Recycling

Continuous purification of lubricating oils or low viscosity fuel oils from solid particles and water


continuous clarification of lubricating oils or low viscosity fuel oils from solid particles.

The flash point of the oil to be separated must be minimum 60 C.

  • Diesel Fuel oil, MDO, Marine Gas Oil
  • No. 2 Distillate
  • Turbine lubrication oil
  • Bio diesel
  • Hydraulic oil, Compressor lube oils
MAB 206 Specifications
Reconditioned Alfa Laval Model MAB 206S-24-60 oil purification centrifuge:
  • MAB-206 High Speed, Disc Bowl Centrifuge with manual cleaning feature for separated solids, fine particles. Removes water from oil.
  • Built in paring devices for the pimped discharge of light phases (oil)
  • Built In Feed pump for feed to centrifuge.
  • One set of special tools
  • One set of instruction manuals including outline, wiring and flow diagrams and spare part list.
  • Installation and Start up services are not included, but are available at additional cost directly from the factory.
Hydraulic Capacity: Maximum 10.6 m3/h (46 GPM)
Process Capacity:
Fuel oils, diesel engine
Distillate: Viscosity 1,5-5,5 cSt/40 °C Max oil flow 9,9 m3/h
Marine Diesel Oil: Viscosity 13 cSt/40 °C Max oil flow 7,1 m3/h
Lubricating oils, by-pass treatment, optimum
· R & O type: Crosshead diesel Max oil flow 3,7 m3/h
· Detergent: Crosshead diesel Max oil flow, 3,2 m3/h
· Steam turbine:
At 55 °C Max oil flow 4,9 m3/h
At 70 °C Max oil flow 7,8 m3/h